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Indulge in our premium tanning services, carefully designed...

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Experience the magic of instant, UV-free results through...

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Harness the remarkable power of light to find relief from pain,...

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Pamper your skin and extend the life of your radiant tan with our premium tanning....

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"I visited sun city to even out tan lines for my wedding in Hawaii in November. Found the staff to be professional and so helpful, was not sure where to start as I had not used a tanning bed in 10 years. My tan lines faded and I was a golden tan. By the time I landed in Maui I looked like a native! Great variety of beds, service and packages !"

Jo Ricketts

Love Sun City. Red light therapy is great for the skin. Very friendly professional staff. Also very clean. Never any issues. Highly recommend.


As a Floridian for over 10 years, I love to keep that golden tan all year round. Being a marshfield resident now, the professionalism and love that ownership, and staff put towards there tanning business is A++. Being in the Hotel/Restaurant business for over 20 years its in my blood to recognize passion and love for customer service any where I go. The ownership is on premise, with a warm smile , the staff is on point with knowledge on any questions or concerns that a guest might have.

Michael J. O'Malley Jr.

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Sun City Tanning offers spray tanning, lotions, & whole-body photobiomodulation treatment services across Marshfield, Pembroke, Duxbury, Scituate, Kingston, Plymouth, Hanover, Rockland, Norwell, Cohasset, Carver, Hanson, Halifax, and the surrounding areas.